• Dried Blood Spot Card from EUROIMMUN

    DBS analysis

For COVID-19 diagnostics using dried capillary blood

  • Simplified sample collection for CE-marked EUROIMMUN ELISAs for the detection of anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies (IgG)
  • Blood sampling from the fingertip
  • Easy integration into existing processes and automation solutions
  • For the determination of the antibody status and collection of epidemiological data
Test system Function Order number Status
EUROIMMUN Blood collection card*
(100 units)
Card for collection of blood samples to be analysed in the laboratory ZV 9711-01100 CE marked

*Not for purchase by private persons via EUROIMMUN

Product Function Order number
PerkinElmer Panthera-Puncher 9 Automated punching of the DBS in up to nine 96-well plates 2081-0010*
PerkinElmer DBS Puncher Automated punching of the DBS in up to two 96-well plates 1296-071*
PerkinElmer Janus Automated spiking of the DBS with extraction solution
Automated transfer of the extracts into 96-well plates
EUROLabWorkstation ELISA Automated processing of the ELISA kits for high throughput YG 0851-0101
EUROMappingTool Translation of plate barcodes into barcodes for sample tubes YG 9730-0101
EUROIMMUN Analyzer I/I-2P Automated processing of the ELISA kits YG 0014-0101
YG 0015-0101
Sprinter XL 160/240 ELISA YG 0033-0101-3
YG 0033-0101-23

*PerkinElmer product

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